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The Goodman League

For those that aren’t from the DMV, it’s kind of difficult to comprehend the hype surrounding the Goodman League. One would think that it’s just your run of the mill summer league. But not quite. Just to give a little background, the Goodman League was previously known as the Barry Farms Community Basketball League and has been in existence since the 1970’s. All games are played on a court adjacent to the Barry Farm housing projects. The appellation changed to the Goodman League in honor of George Goodman, a community activist, who was consequently murdered in the neighborhood. The games used to feature match ups amongst neighborhoods. And to a certain extent, they still do. But what makes is summer league so special? What makes younger kids count down the years until they can compete in the Goodman? Sure Kevin Durant gave the league national attention. But initially, he was one of those kids just biding his time until it was his turn to make his debut. What makes these guys so eagerly await that beginning of June start date? There are plenty of hypotheses that I could suggest, but it bores me to think about them so I’m positive that it would annoy you even more to read them. For me, as oxymoronic as it may seem, it’s the ambience. From the second you hit the alley you hear the go-go music, the balls bouncing, and Miles Rawls belting out the most hysterical commentary about anyone that enters “inside da gates” of the BF Coliseum. Then there’s the homemade food. I won’t release my inner fat girl and devote the rest of the blog to food appreciation. But I’m not aware of any other summer leagues that sell seafood salad, greens, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, etc…I’ll stop before I start salivating because I’m sure you get my drift. Last but not least there are the games. There are a mixture of pros, playground legends, hood legends, college players, and high schoolers, who are unrelenting in their pursuits to earn the respect of their opponents, spectators, and of course Miles. Miles, being the king of monikers and catch phrases keeps everyone on their toes. No one wants to be “left drunk at the bar” by the “silent assassin” or a part of someone else’s “big show.” However, of all the players and celebrities that frequent the Goodman, Miles is undoubtedly the king of the court. He illuminates an area that customarily wallows in obscurity and for that alone he deserves the highest commendation. So, if you’re ever in DC on a hot summer’s day, take a visit “inside da gates”. You’ll be glad you did.


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