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Wizards Dilemma

Hmmm…0-12…where do I start? I’m typically pretty good at analyzing a team’s strengths and weaknesses and making grounded forecasts for the team’s future. The previous statement in no way insinuates that I am always correct. However, I typically have legitimate points. That being said, I think that I have fallen victim to the old “banana in the tailpipe”, “trickbag”, “52 fake out”, whatever terminology bests fits this situation. But more pithily stated, I have been duped into believing that the Wizards would actually be respectable this season. I believed that with the draft pick (I use the singular form because the second round draft pick was absolutely nonsensical), the shedding of dead weight, a no nonsense coach, and respectable trade acquisitions, the Wizards were well on their way to relevancy again. What an egregiously asinine assumption I made! So what went wrong? For starters, having Nenê and Wall out with injuries at the beginning of the season, did not bode well for a team looking to reestablish respectability from its peers. Next is the lack of confidence that begins to surface after consecutive losses. Coaches are blaming players. Players are blaming coaches. Gm’s are blaming anyone but themselves. And upper management will soon become the henchman. Lastly, and unfortunately, now the Wizards are not only trying to figure out how to win, but because of their abysmal record, the teams they will face will do everything within their power to avoid being the Wizards first victory. What will solve these woes? I’m inclined to say that even one win will ameliorate the situation somewhat. But having perused the schedule, I can’t say with any confidence that a victory is on the horizon. What a quagmire for this organization! What needs to happen to right this ship?


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